Neon Green Octo Frogspawn


Neon Green Octo Frogspawn


Like all Euphyllia the neon green octo frogspawn appreciates moderate flow and moderate lighting. Corals of this species can be aggressive, sending out sweeper tentacles and with the ability to sting neighboring corals with their extended polyps but they do not typically harm others of their own species, making groupings of these attractive corals possible and striking in effect. Octo frogspawn are distinguished from standard frogspawn by their fuller tentacles and increased colored tips along the length of their tentacles. 

Euphyllia are generally hardy and undemanding, readily eating provided food and growing quickly if fed and kept in good conditions. 

 Care Level- Easy/Moderate

Placement- Middle/Bottom

Waterflow- Moderate/Low

Lighting- Moderate

Temperment- Aggressive

Growth Pattern- Branching

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