Current Fish Breeding Projects

Since joining the main aquarium society I belong to I have turned in the following fish for BAP points:

Neolamprologus multifasciatus 

Gambusia holbrooki (Eastern Mosquitofish)

Poecilia sphenops (Short Fin Molly)

Xiphophorus maculatus (Platy)

Pelvicachromis pulcher (Kribensis)

Poecilia wingei (Endler's Livebearer)

Limia perugiae

Poecilia reticulata (Guppy)

Xiphophorus variatus (Variable Platy)

Poecilia latipinna (Sailfin Molly)

Melanoides tuberculata (Trumpet Snail)

Planorbis rubrum (Ramshorn Snail)

Procambarus fallax f. virginalis (Self-cloning crawfish/Marmorkrebs)

Heterandria formosa (Least Killifish)

Jordanella floridae (Florida Flagfish)

Poeciliopsis gracilis (Porthole Livebearer)

Xiphophorus helleri (Swordtail)

Pimephales promelas (Fathead Minnow)

Carassius auratus (Goldfish)

Danio albolineatus (Pearl Danio)

Neocaridina davidi (Cherry Shrimp)

Melanotaenia pygmaea (Pygmy Rainbowfish)

Micropoecilia obscura


Current Fish Breeding Projects

First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Paul and I am co-owner of River to Reef. I am part of a few local aquarium societies and an active member in most of them. One thing that many aquarium societies offer is a Breeders Award Program (BAP) to encourage members to breed fish and help with conservation by breeding rare and hard to find fish and to provide a local source of fish. The rules are that the member must bring in 6 babies from the fish they have bred at 60 days old. Points are given to each species bred which range from 5,10,15,20,and 25 points. Currently I am trying to breed the folllowing

Tiger Limia (Limia sp. Tiger)

Goldbelly Topminnow (Girardinus falcatus)

Pelvicachromis silviae

Poecilia sp. Pelenque

Orange Laser Cory (Corydoras sp. Cw010)

Pearl Cichlid (Geophagus brasiliensis)

Convict Cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata)


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