At River to Reef we believe that nature is the best guide when creating your aquarium. As lifelong hobbyists and passionate aquarists we strive to emulate the natural world in your aquarium and create a stable and thriving piece of living artwork. 

When we take over the maintenance of an aquarium we approach it as a transformative process. Many companies approach servicing aquariums as a process of measuring water quality, changing water, and adding chemicals as needed. At River to Reef chemicals are always our last resort, instead we approach aquarium care from an all natural holistic perspective in the pursuit of creating a balanced environment within the aquarium. 

We believe that an aquarium should be the focal point of any room, and that every part of it should complement the living space it is part of. When we install an aquarium it is our goal to make it a part of your home or business and not just a collection of equipment and furniture.

Whether you already have an aquarium you want to revitalize or you have always wanted one but never had the time or attention to devote to it, at River to Reef we want to help that dream come true. Our territory is primarily located in central to northern New Jersey, specifically the counties of Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Somerset, and Union but there is always the chance that we can make a special trip out to you if you like what you see here and want to work with us. 


“The hint for maintaining an aquarium where one can keep fish easily and that is soothing to oneself at the same time is hidden in nature where rocks were born.”
— Takashi Amano