Here are a few of the projects we have created and maintained over the years. 

sexy 2.JPG

custom 6 gallon cube

This pico reef tank is home to sexy shrimp, a pom pom crab, and mini-maxi carpet anemones. It also features a custom built LED light fixture and auto top off system. 


5 gallon freshwater planted tank

This tank uses the natural water staining effects of "aquarium botanicals" and driftwood to mimic the waters of nature and bring out the bright reds of the chili rasbora and cherry shrimp that call it home. The deep greens of the cryptocornes, anubias, and African water fern are a lush counterpoint to the tea colored waters. 


Minimalist nano tank

This tank is home to just a thick carpet of plants that sillouhette and highlight the rock work. 


large reef tank

At 6+ years old this 90 gallon reef tank is home to a thriving ecosystem of corals, fish and countless other critters that bring it to life and mimic a piece of the reef. 


Sometimes the things we need to do for our aquariums or ponds are a little more utilitarian, and that's ok too!

  • Do you need to move your beloved aquarium and want experts to handle that stressful transition? We can make that happen! 
  • Winter is coming! River to Reef can winterize your pond to make sure it lasts the season.
  • Spring has arrived! We can turn around and open that pond back up for you.
  • Vacationing? River to Reef is happy to schedule a few stops and make sure you return home to a happy and healthy aquarium. 
  • Sometimes life gets in the way and you just can't keep your aquarium any longer. We can break down and even remove an aquarium from your home or business if that sad day comes.