Bill Kulesa

Bill has been arm deep in an aquarium since he was old enough to reach into the 10 gallon tank his parents bought for him as a kid. Since then he has spent most of his life wet to the shoulders professionally and as a hobbyist. An artist at heart, aquariums are his medium and he takes a great deal of pride in crafting the perfect aquascape in his own home and in the homes and businesses of his clients. Bill went to school for writing but couldn’t escape the pull of the underwater world and left behind a career in editing and writing to pursue a life in the retail pet industry before deciding it would be better to focus on his true love of aquariums. 


Paul sherman

Paul has been keeping fish and aquatic life as a hobbyist and professionally for about 21 years. At one point his childhood home was filled with around 30 tanks, totalling around 400 gallons - not including the two ponds. One inside and one outside. Paul has never limited himself to fish though, he has been a loving caregiver to a variety of reptiles, amphibians, birds and other animals over the years. 

In addition to working in the pet retail sector and in aquarium and pond maintenance and installation Paul has a certification in veterinary assistance. Well known in the various New Jersey aquarium societies, Paul frequently gives lectures at meetings with his most popular being the specialized care of brackish water fish.