Lower 48 of the United States and Puerto Rico.

Our current rates are $19.99 for Priority Mail, and $40 for Express Mail. These are flat rates and will not change depending on zip code or how much you order, unless the order qualifies for free shipping as outlined below. 

Priority Mail is a 2-3 day service. There is a $5 minimum order for Priority Mail orders.

Express Mail is usually overnight, but takes 2 days to some areas. You can check how fast Express Mail is to your area here. (We ship from 08873, but you MUST change the date to the next shipping date to get an accurate result). Because Express Mail labels cost more than the $35 flat rate we charge, there is a $25 minimum order on Express Mail orders. 

Livestock will only be shipped when weather conditions are ideal from our location and the location in which the livestock is being shipped to.

Free Shipping

If your order is over $100 after discounts are applied you can enjoy free Priority Mail shipping. If your order is over $200 you can enjoy free Express Mail shipping.  

In Person Pick Up

If a fish, plant, or invert is to be picked up at an event/aquarium society meeting a deposit of 50% will be needed beforehand.
If fish can not be picked up in time please call or email to say that you will not be able to pick it up. 
If not picked up and notified before the end of the meeting/event fish may be sold. 

Pick up from our stockroom is available by appointment for local customers. Please contact us via phone at 732-798-0627 or email at to make appointment.

Guarantees & Warranties

All livestock items have a 7 day guarantee unless specifically noted in the item's description.